Monday, January 11, 2016

vRealize Automation Infrastruture tab appears with incorrect name

Its been some months since I've had the opportunity to spend much time with vRealize Automation and so I was not aware of this apparent known issue but I thought I would post this blog anyway becuase I've seen some small differences with some of the blogs out there.

Following the successful installation of vRealize Automation in a distributed configuration, when logging into the portal the Infrastructure tab displays the incorrect name as follows:

The workaround is to reboot the vRealize Automation Appliances. In some cases this may required a couple of reboots. My recommendation is to reboot one at a time waiting for the first appliance to come back up before rebooting the second appliance.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Quick Fix - VMware Client Integration Plugin Stops Working (vSphere 6 U1)

I recently had some issues trying to install the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) using the latest Update 1 release of vSphere.

The first problem I had was that even though I had the VMware Client Integration Plugin installed, on launching the install wizard it would not get detected. I had seen this issue in the past and started to do some research but was not able to find anything at the time to help fix but overcome it by switching from Firefox to IE on that occasion, but this time I decided to have a dig around again and was pleseantly surpised to find a new KB2125623 article released on the 10-Sep-2015 with the fix.

With my second problem the issue itself did not appear when first launching the install wizard but rather after supplying the details for the target ESXi host in the Connect to target server dialog I got a yellow error banner across the top with no message.

On this occasion I reached out to William Lam as I knew he had been doing some testing himself and he made me aware of an issue he had found where VMware Client Integration Plugin stopped functioning after update 45 of Chrome see his post It turned out that the issue had been already identified and an updated version of the VMware Client Intergration Plugin was needed to address it, whilst his post includes the links I thought I would add here also.

Client Integration Plugin for Windows:

Client Integration Plugin for Mac OS X